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For all standard gases, we carry out cylinder treatment according to their composition and concentration, and manufacture them using the gravimetric method, an absolute measurement method that conforms to the ISO 6142 standard. We transfer a fixed amount of the parent gas with two or more components (pure gases or a gas mixture manufactured through the gravimetric method) to a cylinder to be filled and evenly mix the components for manufacturing. Then, we verify the manufactured standard gas, in accordance with the ISO 6143 and ISO 17025 standards, and give it attribute values and an uncertainty in measurement before we deliver it to the customer.

In general, we can manufacture standard gases of various concentrations ranging from 2 to 3 μmol/mol to tens of cmol/mol. The level of concentration varies depending on the gas components.
Although we can manufacture them at low concentrations in the level of nmol/mol for some compositions, technical reviews may be necessary to determine whether we can manufacture or analyze them. For other details, contact the overseas sales staff( of the Management Planning Division.