Facilities & Safety

Specialist facility to be built as per demand of customers. Filling manifolds, distribution pipelines are made of stainless steel . As all gas refilling and blending will be done gravimetrically, the facility will need precision scales, vacuum pumps for handling oxidizing, flammable and toxic gases. For liquid transfers we will need cryogenic pumps, vaporizers and for specialty gas filling and blending we will require separate inert, oxidizing, flammable and toxic gases facilities

Also need a multiple number of equipment for cylinder preparation e.g. Cylinder external rust removal, Cylinder internal cleaning, Cylinder baking and pre treatment, painting booth, hydro-test facility , Valve/de-valve and cylinder homogenization equipment. In addition we need a testing laboratory with Gas chromatographs, Chemiluminescence, oxygen, moisture analyzers etc. Trained personnel are required to produce and sell specialty gases

Safety is very important. all safety equipment and PPE is needed in our facilities. Specialty storage facilities and Logistic it’s importance for flammable and toxic gases, etc refrigerated storage for liquid hydrocarbon gases 

Chroma Gas
Analytical Laboratory

We provide gas analytical services including natural gas analysis, sulphur gas analysis, reformed gas analysis and etc. using the Gas Chromatography (GC) with various detector such as FID, TCD, FPD and PDHID.To maintain the highest quality of testing results, our analytical laboratory carries out its laboratory activities in a way to meet the requirements of ISO/1E ‘Mlie_laboratory’s cuitorners, regulatory authorities and SAMM.