CHROMA GAS SDN BHD is specialized in specialty Gas Company, invested and controlled by CHANGTAI GAS APPLICATION. CHANGTAI GAS APPLICATION was operating in several professional gases production and supply in South east Asia, Including South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and others.

Dedicated to manufacturing of semiconductor factories, the solar panel manufacturer, TFT, LCD, LED, optical fiber, medical, research institutes and laboratories, to provide high-quality gas products and services.

CHROMA GAS SDN BHD also specializes in the development and production of calibration gas, pure gases and gas equipment, gases products covering ordinary industrial gases, Electronics industry gas, electric light source gas, ultra-high purity gas, standard gas, laser gas, medical gas, etc.

In order to provide customers with competitive cost, quality products and services to meet customer needs as its mission, to achieve sustainable and win-win cooperation.

Chroma Vision

CHROMA GAS SDN BHD is to deliver top-notch services and product quality to our customers and the industry by adhering to the highest safety standards and precision. Simultaneously, our primary goal as a company is to emerge as the leader in the domestic industry. This ambition encompasses excellence in product quality, the services we provide, and even pioneering efforts in advocacy within the industrial gas sector.

Our Mission

CHROMA GAS to focus and leading the speciality gases provider in ASIA region, specialise in all type of mixture gases, pure gases, special gases, and related. The focus on disposable cylinder products and solution.